Door Energy Calculator

Today the impact of energy saving potential of automated doors is not well known within the Green Building certification bodies and building owners. Because a door is a small financial investment (2-3% of the main investment cost of a building) in comparison to all used materials for a new building BUT the door has a high financial impact on the whole life time cycle - if the right components are used!

With the E.D.S.F. Door Energy Calculator possible energy losses of buildings in correlation between door parameters like U-value, Air-Leakage, Opening time depending on building volume, door size, etc. can be displayed.

With this calculation it came clear that the door parameters, have a real impact on the energy consumption in correlation to the building type and size. The user should be convinced that with an intelligent door automation a real energy saving benefit could be realised during a whole life-cycle of a building.
E.D.S.F. accompanies the energy saving process all for a sustainable building