E.D.S.F. meets to assess current European developments and emphasizes commitment to co-creation

Frankfurt/M., April 2024

E.D.S.F., the leading European organization of door manufacturers, recently met to assess the latest developments at European level and to continue the exchange on current issues. The purpose of the meeting was to keep up to date and actively participate in shaping relevant issues.

A highlight of the event was a presentation on the fire and smoke protection requirements for doors in Bulgaria. The representatives of the Bulgarian Department of Safety Management and Prevention (Bulgarian Ministry of Interior) provided comprehensive insights into the specific requirements of their country. This presentation enabled participants to develop a better understanding of local regulations and practices.

In addition, important topics such as the status of EN 13241product standard, cybersecurity and the Data Act were discussed in detail. These discussions demonstrated E.D.S.F.'s commitment to promoting standards and best practices in these areas, as well as striving for continuous improvement.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge, share experiences and network. E.D.S.F. reaffirmed its commitment to cooperation at European level and its willingness to play an active role in shaping the future.

E.D.S.F. at R+T 2024 - review

With 61,155 visitors and 1,017 exhibiting companies, R+T was once again a  success. E.D.S.F. was also there.

As part of the "Torforum", Kaj Sondergaard, president of E.D.S.F., presented the energy label and energy calculator.

Energy labelling allows you to compare different automatic door options from the energy point of view. A thermally optimised, well insulated door with an intelligent automation system makes a fundamental contribution to the energy efficiency of a building as a whole. Energy saving is not only about U-value. Find out more...


E.D.S.F. at R+T 2024

Hagen, 21.12.2023

The R+T, the world´s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading systems, takes place in Stuttgart from 19. February  to 23. February 2024. E.D.S.F. will be there too.

Visit us at the trade fair, Hall 10, Stand 10E52.

General Assembly in VIC, Spain

Hagen, 26.06.2023

On 22./23. June 2023 the General Assembly took place in Spain, hosted by our member JCM. The program was split in two main parts: report on EDSF activities and standardization and the General Assembly on the second day. On the first day members received an overview of CEN standardization work, revision of CPR and MR and the current status of the Energy Label Generator. A factory tour at JCM and a city tour followed by dinner rounded off the event. It was a pleasure to visit Spain and we thank our member JCM for the great organization!

E.D.S.F. on BAU fair

Hagen, 18.04.2023

Nicola Fornarelli (ACMI) and Olaf Heptner (E.D.S.F.) at the Italian booth showing the Engery Label roll-up

E.D.S.F. looks forward to BAU fair

Hagen, 31.03.2023

E.D.S.F. supports its members joining the BAU fair in Munich. We wish all participants a successful business week on the BAU!

API functionality for Energy Label Generator

Hagen, 01.02.2023

A new API function is going to support manufacturers as the creation of labels can now be implemented directly into the manufacturing process. E.D.S.F. strongly hopes to support and helps manufacturer to support the Green Deal.

Energy Label Generator officially started

Hagen, 12.12.2022

The E.D.S.F. energy label supports manufacturers to visualize energy saving aspect for doors. Especially the opening / closing time is of importance, because an open door is not a good tool for energy saving. This simple conclusion, amongst others, can be shown on an easy way by the energy calculator and energy label generator.

The Energy Label boosts the ‚Green Deal‘ for manufacturers

Hagen, 27.10.2022

With the creation of the labeling program, we will support manufacturers to realize the ‚Green Deal‘ of the EU Commission to produce sustainable products and label them as such.

So what is the Energy Label for doors and shutters, and how can it be used? The energy label is in itself not new and is already well known for many products like cars, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and so on, but for doors it was up until know however not existing. The door can have the best U-value, but still the energy losses caused by this door can be huge.
But how? Simple, and yes, it is like 'scoring for an open goal' when saying that most of the energy gets lost via a door when it is open. So besides the U-value, it’s is also depending on how many times a door will be opened, how long time it will stay open and how fast it opens and closes. These factors can be short identified as the cycle time. But there is more. It is clear that in the southern part of Europe the customers struggling more to keep cool air inside, whilst in the northern part of Europe, the struggle is to keep heat inside. And what to think about wind? This is also a factor to consider since wind create flows, taking cold or warm air with it. All over the world there are different climates with own average temperatures and wind speed, so the geographical area is also playing a role.

You see, besides the door U-value, many other factors play a role which determine what the level of energy loss is through a building. And for this the E.D.S.F. has built a tool in which these values can be entered. The outcome will be a score from A to F on the energy label.

Benefit: This label and score enables customers to select the most energy efficient door type for their location.

Got interested? The tool and label creator can be accessed via the E.D.S.F. website. How? To check out the tool and test it, you can register as BASIC or FULL ACCESS user.

General Assembly in Palermo

Hagen, 20.10.2022

E.D.S.F. was on the road again. The General Assembly took place on 14th October 2022 in Italy together with ACMI who celebrates its 10th anniversary at the same time.

E.D.S.F. presented the Energy Calculator, which was put into operation at the same time. This tool will support manufacturers to realize the ‚Green Deal‘ of the EU Commission to produce sustainable products and label them as such.


Many thanks to ACMI for their wonderful hosting, we had 2 fantastic days in Palermo where we were all presented with the new Energy label calculator, which we all expect will be the tool of the future to ensure that all our customers have a fair opportunity to choose the right door solution to the situation of their use.

A small remaining group enjoying the friday evening in Palermo: Bodo Müller, Kaj Søndergaard, Olaf Heptner, Christoph Schlott, Philipp Götz, Harm Savenije and Pascal Bühner.

New Members in E.D.S.F.

Hagen, 01.08.2022

E.D.S.F. is pleased to welcome its two new members, UNAC - the asscociation of manufacturers of motorized frames and automatism for doors and windows, a member of ANIMA, from Italy, and  Repanels Group, a Belgium based holding company with three door panel production factories in European locations.

New E.D.S.F. Energy Calculator online

Hagen, 03.06.2022

E.D.S.F. goes green - Have a look at the new Energy Calculator

E.D.S.F. on R+T digital

Hagen / Stuttgart 10.02.2021

The European door and shutter ferderation takes part in the virtual edition of the world's leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems that will soon open its digital doors. R+T digital from 22 to 25 February 2021 is the virtual industry get-together in 2021! 300 exhibitors from 25 countries await you in nine theme halls. You can look forward to four days of virtual exchange with the industry, an exciting live conference programme and the outstanding innovations of the R+T Innovation Award winners. And best of all: all the content presented will be available until R+T 2022.

Come and join us in our lecture

On Monday, 22th February, we bring you the International Door Forum with the participation of our association. Together with ACMI (Assocostruttori Chiusure e Meccanismi Italia) and Actibaie (FFB - Groupement Professionnel des portes, portails, volets et stores) we put together a great programme to discuss the current state of our industries. The presentations will all be held in English.

How to join our lecture? Just visit the R+T Alliance booth, located directly in the foyer of R+T digital. The International Door Forum will take place at the R+T Alliance Forum – an English-language conference programme that will take place on all four live days.

Further information can be found here.

E.S.D.F. Energy label passes intensive tests

Hagen, 19.09.19

In times of climate change the European Door and Shutter Federation e. V. develops an Energy Label to promote energy efficient doors. The calculation of the label is based on the CEN/TR 16676 - Energy losses by industrial door. Doors and gates are a key component in the energy consumption of buildings. A thermally optimised, well insulated door with an intelligent automation system makes a fundamental contribution to the energy efficiency of a building as a whole, translating into tangible energy savings throughout its life cycle. In addition, it provides its users with enhanced thermal comfort. Energy labelling allows you to compare different automatic door options from the energy point of view, allowing:

  • Customers to make a conscious choice about the product which is the most efficient on the basis of their needs.
  • Manufacturers to show clear and perceptible information about the energy efficiency of their products to aid the selection process.

The members of E.D.S.F. carried out several tests to verify the calculation for the energy Label. To measure the air flow through an open door just by infiltration a special test setup was built up: To simulate a building and to have reproducible test environment the engineers had to build up a chamber in the climate chamber to simulate building and air around it. The size of the door has been scaled to a size of 1x1m to fit to the size of the Chambers. With 43 wind and temperature sensors the air Infiltration has been measured and made visible. The collected data will help us to improve the calculation algorithm; necessary changes in the TR16676 will be introduced to the TC33/WG5 in the next meeting. With this tool E.D.S.F. proofs to be one of the European leaders of the building sector. Visit www.edsfdoorenergy.com to find further information and to create a test account. Until the official start of our Label every user can create sample labels.

General Assembly 2019 in Plovidiv

Plovidiv / Hagen 06.07.2019

28 Participants from 13 countries joint our general assembly in Plovdiv (BG), hosted by ARP. The Working Groups "Energy & Sustainability", "Fire & Smoke" and "Service & Maintenance " had a Meeting. The participants had also the possibility to visit the production facilities of ARP and the old town of Plovdiv.

„Never change a running horse“ - New mandate for TC 33 changing all standards?

Hagen, 09.04.2019

The mandate defines those characteristics of a construction product which have to be addressed in European Harmonised Product Standards.

Although discussions to this matter haven’t brought a clear picture of possible changes yet, EDSF is in favour of a “slim & short” approach supporting established characteristics as published with EN 13241 today to avoid a standardisation chaos for European manufacturers.

E.D.S.F. follows manufacturer’s concern. Olaf Heptner, convenor of TC 33 / WG 5: “The introduction of new / additional characteristics will raise trade barriers and unnecessarily increase of costs for testing and classification. It must be considered that more new characteristics will lead to DoPs with mostly "npd" marked characteristics. This will confuses the consumer and leads to a not useable documentation.”

E.D.S.F. asks Commission for clarification on EN 16034

Hagen, 21.03.2019

E.D.S.F. supports requests from German and Austrian authorities  to the Commission questioning the coexisting period of EN 16034.

The  situation today is unclear. Manufacturer need reliable information about a possible extension of the today available coexisting period of EN 16034 ending 01.11.2019.

We continue our support to the Commission to enable our members scheduling their products in due time.