About us

The European Door & Shutter Federation e. V. was initiated in the late 1980s by members of existing national door and shutter manufacturing associations in France, Germany and UK who were, at that time, monitoring on behalf of their association members the drafting of proposed harmonised test methods for fire resistance.

Later E.D.S.F. has expanded its monitoring to cover issues relating to general door standards as well as fire resistance.  

In the past the E.D.S.F. secretariat changed within three years to another member country from where the work was directed. In 2009 there was the permanent transfer of the secretariat to Germany and the "new" orientation of E.D.S.F.  with a sustainable association started.  

Fire & Smoke

All buildings in Europe will have safe, comfortable and secure access for all user groups.


Sustainability in energy saving by automatization and standardization

Focusing on the standardization of products and services and influencing the criteria for the design of new buildings to maximize both accessibility and minimize energy waste.

Key for safe and energy efficient performance with minimal impact on the environment

Increasing the awareness in the need of legal requirements and responsibilities for preventive maintenance works carried out by professional service providers.