„Never change a running horse“ - New mandate for TC 33 changing all standards?

Hagen, 09.04.2019

The mandate defines those characteristics of a construction product which have to be addressed in European Harmonised Product Standards.

Although discussions to this matter haven’t brought a clear picture of possible changes yet, EDSF is in favour of a “slim & short” approach supporting established characteristics as published with EN 13241 today to avoid a standardisation chaos for European manufacturers.

E.D.S.F. follows manufacturer’s concern. Olaf Heptner, convenor of TC 33 / WG 5: “The introduction of new / additional characteristics will raise trade barriers and unnecessarily increase of costs for testing and classification. It must be considered that more new characteristics will lead to DoPs with mostly "npd" marked characteristics. This will confuses the consumer and leads to a not useable documentation.”

E.D.S.F. asks Commission for clarification on EN 16034

Hagen, 21.03.2019

E.D.S.F. supports requests from German and Austrian authorities  to the Commission questioning the coexisting period of EN 16034.

The  situation today is unclear. Manufacturer need reliable information about a possible extension of the today available coexisting period of EN 16034 ending 01.11.2019.

We continue our support to the Commission to enable our members scheduling their products in due time.