E.S.D.F. Energy label passes intensive tests

Hagen, 19.09.19

In times of climate change the European Door and Shutter Federation e. V. develops an Energy Label to promote energy efficient doors. The calculation of the label is based on the CEN/TR 16676 - Energy losses by industrial door. Doors and gates are a key component in the energy consumption of buildings. A thermally optimised, well insulated door with an intelligent automation system makes a fundamental contribution to the energy efficiency of a building as a whole, translating into tangible energy savings throughout its life cycle. In addition, it provides its users with enhanced thermal comfort. Energy labelling allows you to compare different automatic door options from the energy point of view, allowing:

  • Customers to make a conscious choice about the product which is the most efficient on the basis of their needs.
  • Manufacturers to show clear and perceptible information about the energy efficiency of their products to aid the selection process.

The members of E.D.S.F. carried out several tests to verify the calculation for the energy Label. To measure the air flow through an open door just by infiltration a special test setup was built up: To simulate a building and to have reproducible test environment the engineers had to build up a chamber in the climate chamber to simulate building and air around it. The size of the door has been scaled to a size of 1x1m to fit to the size of the Chambers. With 43 wind and temperature sensors the air Infiltration has been measured and made visible. The collected data will help us to improve the calculation algorithm; necessary changes in the TR16676 will be introduced to the TC33/WG5 in the next meeting. With this tool E.D.S.F. proofs to be one of the European leaders of the building sector. Visit www.edsfdoorenergy.com to find further information and to create a test account. Until the official start of our Label every user can create sample labels.

General Assembly 2019 in Plovidiv

Plovidiv / Hagen 06.07.2019

28 Participants from 13 countries joint our general assembly in Plovdiv (BG), hosted by ARP. The Working Groups "Energy & Sustainability", "Fire & Smoke" and "Service & Maintenance " had a Meeting. The participants had also the possibility to visit the production facilities of ARP and the old town of Plovdiv.

„Never change a running horse“ - New mandate for TC 33 changing all standards?

Hagen, 09.04.2019

The mandate defines those characteristics of a construction product which have to be addressed in European Harmonised Product Standards.

Although discussions to this matter haven’t brought a clear picture of possible changes yet, EDSF is in favour of a “slim & short” approach supporting established characteristics as published with EN 13241 today to avoid a standardisation chaos for European manufacturers.

E.D.S.F. follows manufacturer’s concern. Olaf Heptner, convenor of TC 33 / WG 5: “The introduction of new / additional characteristics will raise trade barriers and unnecessarily increase of costs for testing and classification. It must be considered that more new characteristics will lead to DoPs with mostly "npd" marked characteristics. This will confuses the consumer and leads to a not useable documentation.”

E.D.S.F. asks Commission for clarification on EN 16034

Hagen, 21.03.2019

E.D.S.F. supports requests from German and Austrian authorities  to the Commission questioning the coexisting period of EN 16034.

The  situation today is unclear. Manufacturer need reliable information about a possible extension of the today available coexisting period of EN 16034 ending 01.11.2019.

We continue our support to the Commission to enable our members scheduling their products in due time.